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What if it was you?

PAZ mentors play a fundamental role in the development and integration of PAZ participants. They change lives and get their lives changed in the process.

They make PAZ a reality

Without our mentors it would not be possible to be as effective as we are. Meet this unbelievable group of experts that are changing the lives of our candidates.

Matteo Remondini
Matteo Remondini
Service Designer
Adam Thomson
Adam Thomson
Head of Information Security
Itziar Garcia
Itziar García
Dir. Comunicación y RRII
Cristian Gajete
Cristian Gajete
Lead Product Designer
Janice Tong
Totally Money
Head of Product Marketing
Alvaro Zamacola
Executive Director
Roman Schoeneboom
Roman Schoeneboom
Ernst & Young
Business Transformation Lead
Hannah Bain
Hannah Bain
Idean UK 
Senior Product Designer

+100 senior professionals from European and American companies.

They participate 1 hour a week for 2 months, accompanying the candidate throughout the process.

Stories that
change lives

Cristian Gajete

Cristian & Anya

ANYA: UI Designer at RSI (Computer Rural Services)

“When I arrived in Spain, the toughest impact was to find out I would not be able to work for the following 6 months. My partner and I came with our computers and our best intention to add value to European companies and it was a real shock to get that door shut. We started looking for job offers that we were prepared for, but we never got through the first phase because we didn’t have job permit.

In Spain there are many organizations that aim to help, but they don’t have the tools to help specifically in your area of expertise.  One of the first things that I heard was that it was going to be impossible to find a job as a designer. All the courses we got offered were targeting jobs such as shopgirl, cleaner, butcher...

Our case worker in Red Cross introduced us to PAZ, and she said “I think this is going to work for you”. Before then, we were really lost. We didn’t even know how our profession was called in Spain. Once we started the PAZ program, everything started to make sense and the mentors were key to find opportunities. I felt this was really targeted to what I wanted and I needed. My mentor, Cristian, gave me a lot of clarity about where to go and gave me the keys about where and how to start to find a job in Spain as UX/UI.

“He gave me a lot of clarity about where to go and gave me the keys about where and how to start to find a job as UX/UI designer”

On top of that, my mentor has introduced me to people that have worked in different kinds of companies, giving me tips and tricks about how they work and how to connect with

This was key to understand clearly what is what the companies need, and how to dmenostrate my differential value in order to succeed in the selection processes.

How does the PAZ mentoring work?

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We look for professionals working in Europe that want to spend 1 hour per week with one of our candidates

Matching with candidates

We will send you potential candidates that match with your interests and availability

8 weeks commitment

Once you accept mentoring one of our candidates at PAZ, you should commit to a weekly 1-hour call. We will provide a script that will help you guide the conversation.

Keep in touch
if you want

Lots of our mentors keep in touch with the candidates after finishing the process. It's up to you!

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8 out of 10 Accelerated Participants get a new job in tech and regain control of their life thanks to the PAZ community

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Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team has worked with +200 forcibly displaced professionals during the last 4 years to help them join the tech industry & restart a new life in peace.

Leticia Galdón

Co-Founder & CEO

Specialized in international crisis response, Leti is passionate about supporting and re-engaging forcibly displaced professionals.

Alvaro Sanmartin

Álvaro Sanmartín

Co-Founder & Education Lead

Ed-tech expert, disruptive education engineer, Álvaro is passionate about the design of new education programs that use tech to help people reach their highest potential.

Rocío Bernad

Legal Advisor

Human rights and labour law expert, Rocío is passionate about defending refugees rights and their integration in society during and after the asylum seeker process.

Ambica Verma

Ambica Verma

Talent Lead

Specialist in tech-talent acquisition, Ambica is passionate about empowering people’s talent and increasing diversity in the tech industry.

Blanca Bravo

Talent Acquisition - EU

Social Worker and Mediator, passionate about helping excluded groups, finding new routes and opportunities for a promising future.

Nadia Moussaoui

Nadia Moussaoui

Talent Acquisition Manager

Humanitarian aid specialist, Nadia is committed to the empowerment of forcibly displaced migrants, offering opportunities that allow them to regain their independence.

Laura García


Psychologist and coach specialised in teenagers and adults. Laura is passionate about helping people develop and reach their true potential.

Max Lafosse

Max Lafosse

Talent Acquisition - UK

With a Masters degree in Human Rights law, Max is focused on helping refugees find better life opportunities and a prosperous future.


Technology partner

A multidisciplinary team that thinks of tech solutions that help us optimize our tech stack, committed to our mission and helping us daily to get the best out of technology.

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