Unlocking refugee tech talent in Europe

We train refugee professionals looking to adapt their knowledge and experience to the needs of Europe’s tech industry.

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We are a community of professionals and companies convinced that talent does not understand borders.


Digital Marketing Specialist

“PAZ has given me the confidence to regain control of my life both at a personal and a professional level. The group sessions are a way for one to feel accompanied at all times and to not lose focus.”


Geologist Engineer & Programmer

“PAZ is like a supportive friend who guides you and is there until the end of the job hunting process. It helps you understand what you need to focus your energies on to achieve your goals.”


Front-End Developer

“PAZ from the beginning believed in my potential and provided me with the resources needed to reach my goals. Above all, PAZ has helped me regain my self confidence as a professional and it has supported me throughout my professional development journey.”

Program Phases


We look for refugees in Europe with a high digital or tech potential.


We will start by helping you focus on your career goal by creating a personalised itinerary that we will put in practice through coaching group sessions. 


We will accelerate your professional growth with the support of mentors working in your industry and specific training tailored to your needs and the needs of the market. 


We will accompany you through the quest for professional opportunities and we will give you access to a network of industry professionals. 

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